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John Herbstsomer Chiropractor Mount Airy, MDWelcome to the Damascus Skyview Chiropractic website.

My name is John Herbstsomer.  I'm a graduate of the Life Chiropractic College and started my practice in Damascus, MD in 1996 and moved to Mt Airy, MD. Education and ongoing learning is a must.

Perhaps you have heard about chiropractic from your family or friends.  Isn't it interesting how everyone has a different version of what chiropractors do? I would like to explain my approach to chiropractic to you and why I know I can help you and your family enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Many patients come to us in pain, wanting immediate relief so they can get back to their normal routine.

If you are in pain, give me a call. It is my entire focus to provide pain relief and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible while also focusing on what might be causing the problem so it doesn't return.

What really needs to be addressed is the underlying cause of the pain they are experiencing.  Pain is often just a symptom of a deeper, more complex problem that is preventing your nerve system from keeping you healthy.  If you don't get to the cause of the interference, you'll just be back looking for a quick fix for your pain again.

I invite you to browse our website and learn about the unique and varied holistic services our clinic provides.  I have the utmost confidence we can help you and your family resolve whatever health issues they might be experiencing.


Dr. John


5 Star Reviews:

"I have been a patient of Dr. John's since 1997. Many times he has used his knowledge and skills to treat and cure several lower back related problems. I have been able to return to work more quickly due to his diagnostic expertise and treatments. Recently, I experienced another lower back complication that was more severe than in the past. Once again, Dr John's tenacious approach to this problem got me going again. His friendly demeanor and genuine concern for his patients is admirable to say the least." Lee S, Damascus, Md. 

"Dr. John is AWESOME!!! Relieved my neck and shoulder pain, that I thought would never go away. He is passionate about what he does... HIGHLY recommend him!! I visit with him often." James H Mount Airy

"Dr. John takes his time to relieve back and neck pain. He uses many techniques to relieve problems. I have been to many chiropractors over the years and most give a quick diagnosis, then try to herd you through their setup so they can spend as little time with you as possible. You can count on Dr. John to listen, evaluate and spend enough time to make a difference." Rob N Mount Airy